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How to Remember It All

Posted in Uncategorized by Memory Streams on June 18, 2010

I just read and commented on someone else’s blog on the things she remembers about her late father.  This will be a tough father’s day for me.  My father died last November, a week to the day before my husband, both of cancer.  To say it has been a lousy year for my family is an understatement.

My father kept track of his medical appointments and treatments in a small notebook.  My husband, Alan, kept no such records.  Often doctors asked me (me!) when Alan had had a certain treatment or when an episode of melanoma had recurred.  Many of these things happened before I even met Alan, so answering with any sort of accuracy was nearly impossible.

My product Memory Stream will be invaluable to anyone tracking a medical condition.  My father’s notebook was almost impossible for anyone else to read and finding the information we needed was hit or miss.  Alan’s medical record at the hospital he usually got treatments at was 5 inches thick.  When he got treatments at another hospital, they were starting from scratch.  Online medical records may one day take care of this sort of dilemma, but none of them will record how you feel after a chemo treatment.  When we would return to the oncologist a month after a previous chemo treatment, Alan’s recollection of how he felt after a treatment was sketchy.  Recording symptoms as he experienced them would have been a lot more accurate and a lot more helpful to the doctor.  Doctors can adjust dosages based on your reactions and responses.

Memory Stream has a dedicated way to record the nitty gritty of doctor’s names and numbers, appointments, treatments, medicines, and also provides a generous section for notes.  Being able to search the database this information is stored in will be extremely helpful to both doctors and patients alike.  Bringing a printed copy of your medical Memory Stream to your doctors’ appointments actually might be a lifesaver.  You can also access your Memory Stream from your smart phone.

Memory Stream is an innovative product that lets you take control of your health.


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