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Posted in Uncategorized by Memory Streams on June 27, 2010

Did you just finish another semester in college?  Maybe you just graduated?  Congratulations!

It might sound hard to believe, but those classes you slaved away in will be just faint memories years from now.  But remembering which classes you took, who was in the class and the name of the professor may be important information later when you are applying for a job or to graduate school. Writing up a summary of each class you’ve taken and what you learned in it, just as you finish the course will go a long way to cementing the memory.

Keeping these kind of memories fresh is easy to do in Memory Stream.  You could make a Memory Stream titled College and make a journal event for each class.  You could have a separate Stream for each semester and creating one for your major courses would also be a good idea.  Include the name of your book and upload your papers for easy access later.  You’ll always be able to look at your transcripts for your college courses, but keeping the information in a Memory Stream will be instantly accessible and searchable, anywhere and anytime.

Another way to use a Memory Stream for your college or high school classes is to make a plan for the courses you need to take in the future.  Putting a pre-requisite class on a chronological timeline will save time and frustration later in registration.  You’ll know which classes need to be taken before others and you’ll stay on track for graduation.


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  1. jenni sammis said,

    I think this is an awsome idea!! How do I become a fan?

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