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What a Happy, Happy Trip!

Posted in Uncategorized by Memory Streams on July 28, 2010

I recently returned from a trip of a lifetime.  I went on a cruise through the Mediterranean with my mother, sister, son and daughter.  This was a great trip but the chances this group will repeat this or any trip like this are pretty slim.  I sure do want to remember it so I’m going to make a Memory Stream detailing all the fun we had.

It’s easy to think you’ll remember such a monumental trip but as soon as you get home and start to resume normal life, it’s hard to remember where you ate lunch in that charming town or even what the name of that town is anymore.

I know that making a Memory Stream and sharing it with my mom and sister will be appreciated, but I think the real value will come in the next few years and Mark and Chloe ask questions about the trip.  We’ll be able to remember the ports we stopped at (Venice, Dubrovnik, Athens, Ephesus, and Nafplion) and also what the funny waiter at the entrance to the buffet said as he sprayed our hands with hand sanitizer: “Washy, washy, smiley, smiley, happy, happy!”

You’ll be able to access Memory Stream from the web, so next time you’re traveling, buy some internet time and make a Memory Stream as you go.  You’ll be able to enhance the site with photos and video when you get home creating a lasting memory of that fabulous experience.


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  1. Jennette Miller said,

    What a great idea !!

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