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Posted in Uncategorized by Memory Streams on August 3, 2011

Creating Memory Stream is for me, simply a way to remember my life.  I figure if I want this product, others might too.

I thought of this idea long before anyone thought of the idea of a social network.    But the truth is, many, if not most people’s experience online now is being shaped by their use of a social network, and by and large that means Facebook.

I’m not really a fan of Facebook.  I think it has serious privacy issues on many levels.  I do not think it has a good user interface.  Using Facebook is not intuitive.  To get to your wall you click on Profile.  When you are on your wall it doesn’t really say you are there.  When you click on Home, you get to your newsfeed, not the traditional idea of a home page.

But nevertheless, as we develop Memory Stream we are keeping in mind that users’ expectations in a product or service are being shaped by their use of Facebook.  So our look and feel is being modified to make sure that users feel comfortable with our details.  We plan to let users login with their Facebook credentials and our photo viewer feels like Facebook’s.

And yet, I think of Memory Stream as a complement to Facebook.  It’s a way to archive your thoughts by subject in a way that you can search on them, print them, and share them.  So I want to blaze a path that is not Facebook at the same time.  We’ll see how it all turns out.


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  1. Renata Berto said,

    Good luck on your project with memory stream. I’m sure you will do great!

  2. Love the concept! Have been wondering what to dowith all of the digital picture, since they have little text to them and some of the memories have already been lost.

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