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What is Memory Stream again?

Posted in Uncategorized by Memory Streams on August 15, 2011

Memory Stream is a way to remember the important events, people and places in your life. Memory Streams helps you create a long-standing personal history.  I have been dreaming of making this idea a software product for about 16 years.

So imagine my happy surprise when I read the following this morning in Smart Brief for Entrepreneurs:

Entrepreneurs with ambition but without a good idea to get started should look at this list of industries that present business opportunities. The demand for memory organization, for instance, has increased as people search for ways to keep track of all their family photographs and videos.

I think Memory Stream is right on there.  An alpha version is almost done and I can’t wait to show it to you.

Here’s a link to Smart Briefs:


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  1. Bill Fu said,

    This is a great idea! On a personal level, I had similar thoughts on how an individual can track specific things throughout their lifetime on a timeline. On the other hand, here is another website that can allow you to track what matters to you on things you are interested in: It’s startup company and I’ve personally met the CEOs at one of the lectures at SDSU.

  2. Memory Stream sounds like a great idea. It would be great for keeping track of my family. I’m always forgetting birthdays and would love to share photos. Sounds awesome.

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