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Facebook Timeline and Memory Stream

Posted in Uncategorized by Memory Streams on October 6, 2011

I was more than a little taken aback when I read about Facebook’s new Timeline feature.  I thought that Goliath had sucked up my idea while I struggle to get my own product finished.

We hunkered down to explore the new feature in Facebook and determine if it is the same product or not.  We came to the conclusion that it is not.  Even before Facebook has rolled out this feature, the pundits are worrying about privacy and complexity.  Do you really want your photos and comments from several years ago reappearing in your timeline?  Will a timeline of your rather random posts make sense?  Do you really want to look back at each of your friends’ timelines to get the idea of what they are up to?

Memory Stream is different from Facebook Timeline in several ways.  First, Memory Streams are absolutely private until you choose to share them.  You may share them with one person, a small group, or with all of your Facebook friends.

Second, Memory Steams are topic specific.  You can make a Memory Stream about a trip, your clients, your kid, or to keep track of your auto maintenance.  You can upload media for each event on the Memory Stream.

Next, our product is based on events that live on a Memory Stream.  These events have a type, such as Journal, Social, Medical, Client, or Purchase.  The granularity you will achieve with these typed events is powerful.

Last, a Memory Stream is not just a timeline.  Memory Streams can be viewed as a timeline, on a calendar, or as a journal.  The timeline is one of the coolest things out there – you can stretch or compress the time period, zoom in on a section and it has lots of other features.  The calendar is feature-rich and provides a great way to look at certain Memory Streams.

So stay tuned.  I think you’ll like what you see when we first roll out Memory Stream in about a month.


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