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Posted in Uncategorized by Memory Streams on May 11, 2012

After literally years of trying to make this happen, Payam and I are going to release our alpha version of the Memory Streams software next week.  Payam is putting the finishing touches on an amazing tooltip type help system.  I’ve been working on our marketing programs and completing even more example Memory Streams.

My latest is one about my father’s life.  So far I’ve scanned in dozens of photos, and I’m waiting to talk to my mom to put down some key dates  of his life.  Recently I made a Memory Stream about my late husband’s life and it’s wonderful.  I was able to show it to Alan’s mom and sisters and I think they liked what they saw.  It’s kind of interesting how little you actually know about someone else’s life.  I’m starting one about my own.  The description I used was, “It hasn’t been boring”.  I’ve lived in four states and four countries and traveled to lots of interesting places.  I’ve been married to two interesting men.  I have two great kids and a fantastic family.  Tune in and check it out.

I hope you’ll find Memory Streams useful and engaging and that you’ll make Memory Streams about lots of aspects of your life.

Here’s a post card I’m having printed up as part of our marketing efforts.

Smaller Post Card V2



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