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Progress on Memory Stream

Posted in Uncategorized by Memory Streams on July 25, 2011

I’ve got a long list of things to do for the company.  Finding the time to do them is the hard part.

My programmer and I have decided that the best course of action right now is to focus on a top-notch dashboard for Memory Stream so we can begin the process of finding funding. We have a minimal proof of concept now and need help with the next steps.  That’s where CONNECT at UCSD might be able to help.  See

CONNECT’s Springboard is a business creation and development program, providing entrepreneurs with several months of coaching and development.


50,000 Photos and Counting

Posted in Uncategorized by Memory Streams on July 18, 2011

I’ve taken at least 50,000 photos in my life.  I’ve got over 40,000 digital photos on my computer now and I figure I had to take another 10K before that with actual film.  So basically those are lost unless I could find the negative (not!) or have it scanned in. Those 1970s photos are fading into black in every album I have.   Ironically the few snapshots I have from the 60s or even the 20s look better than those Kodak moments of the 70s and 80s.

I’m excited to say that I had my first photo published this month in Southwest Airline’s Spirit magazine.  If you’re flying Southwest, check out page 38 and see a 2006 photo I took of my daughter jumping off a tall rock at Slide Rock Park in Arizona.

Today I was making an invitation to my father’s memorial service on August 29th.  I searched thru old and new photos to put on the photo card.  I was trying to find just the right photos for it.  It occurred to me that it would be great to have had a Memory Stream for each person in my life with a photo of them every year.  Finding their best photos would be a snap. (so to speak!)

Got cash?

Posted in Uncategorized by Memory Streams on July 16, 2011

I sat in a meeting with my programmer and my web designer and thought, just the tiniest thought mixed with hope, that I might just have something here.  Which made me think, I need to get some capital.

So I’m freshening up my business plan, polishing my pitch, opening a file titled Social Media Strategy and making those tentative little Google searches for local venture capital.  I wish I knew what I was doing, but I haven’t known what I was doing at any point along the way of starting a software company and that hasn’t stopped me yet.

A Year Passes in the Blink of an Eye

Posted in Uncategorized by Memory Streams on July 14, 2011

Well, it’s been a year since I wrote a post here on my blog.  A long year in which we made no progress for awhile on Memory Stream and now lots of progress.  I have a new programmer, a neighbor, coincidentally.  We used to walk our dogs together 20 years ago.

Now we are able to create a Memory Stream and create events.  We can upload photos and other media.  We can share Streams and events and even associate an event on one Memory Stream to another.

My passion for this product remains.  I still want to fire up the program every night and update my Memory Streams.

What a Happy, Happy Trip!

Posted in Uncategorized by Memory Streams on July 28, 2010

I recently returned from a trip of a lifetime.  I went on a cruise through the Mediterranean with my mother, sister, son and daughter.  This was a great trip but the chances this group will repeat this or any trip like this are pretty slim.  I sure do want to remember it so I’m going to make a Memory Stream detailing all the fun we had.

It’s easy to think you’ll remember such a monumental trip but as soon as you get home and start to resume normal life, it’s hard to remember where you ate lunch in that charming town or even what the name of that town is anymore.

I know that making a Memory Stream and sharing it with my mom and sister will be appreciated, but I think the real value will come in the next few years and Mark and Chloe ask questions about the trip.  We’ll be able to remember the ports we stopped at (Venice, Dubrovnik, Athens, Ephesus, and Nafplion) and also what the funny waiter at the entrance to the buffet said as he sprayed our hands with hand sanitizer: “Washy, washy, smiley, smiley, happy, happy!”

You’ll be able to access Memory Stream from the web, so next time you’re traveling, buy some internet time and make a Memory Stream as you go.  You’ll be able to enhance the site with photos and video when you get home creating a lasting memory of that fabulous experience.

Put it in Writing

Posted in Uncategorized by Memory Streams on June 27, 2010

Did you just finish another semester in college?  Maybe you just graduated?  Congratulations!

It might sound hard to believe, but those classes you slaved away in will be just faint memories years from now.  But remembering which classes you took, who was in the class and the name of the professor may be important information later when you are applying for a job or to graduate school. Writing up a summary of each class you’ve taken and what you learned in it, just as you finish the course will go a long way to cementing the memory.

Keeping these kind of memories fresh is easy to do in Memory Stream.  You could make a Memory Stream titled College and make a journal event for each class.  You could have a separate Stream for each semester and creating one for your major courses would also be a good idea.  Include the name of your book and upload your papers for easy access later.  You’ll always be able to look at your transcripts for your college courses, but keeping the information in a Memory Stream will be instantly accessible and searchable, anywhere and anytime.

Another way to use a Memory Stream for your college or high school classes is to make a plan for the courses you need to take in the future.  Putting a pre-requisite class on a chronological timeline will save time and frustration later in registration.  You’ll know which classes need to be taken before others and you’ll stay on track for graduation.

4th of the July

Posted in Uncategorized by Memory Streams on June 24, 2010

Independence Day is almost here.  Around here we have started to make our plans.  We might go to the beach or just swim in our own pool.  We have invited friends to our home for a barbeque before we head out for a place near the beach with a great view of the fireworks.

It makes me wonder where we watched fireworks from last summer.  I honestly can’t remember and it was only last year!  Last year was my husband’s last 4th of July, but we didn’t know that at the time of course. Recording events as they happen mean you can remember special events, even when you don’t know it’s a special event.  Sometimes things take on greater meaning as time passes.

Starting this year, I’m going to be making a Memory Stream called Independence Day and just add one event per year describing what I did during the day, who I spent it with, and where we watched fireworks from.  It will hardly take anytime at all to jot down the events and I’ll have a lasting memory for years to come.  I think it will be a great asset for my kids to look back and remember how their childhood passed.

School’s Out for Summer

Posted in Uncategorized by Memory Streams on June 21, 2010

It’s astonishing how fast each school year comes to an end.  Homework is replaced with swimming and camps.  The pace slows and there are about half the number of emails in my box.  My kids, Mark and Chloe are old enough to make their own breakfasts and lunches.  Hooray!

When the school year memories start to blur, it’s time to make a Memory Stream for each kid for each school year.  Add to it little by little as the school year progresses.  You can add events for the school play and field trips to historic sites.  One event could list the names of the kids and teacher in the class.  Upload photos to help document each event.  A yearly Memory Stream will keep a record of all the milestones like no scrapbook ever could.  And who knows if that scrapbook will ever get made anyhow!

Each school year is so rich with interesting events and it’s worth putting in a little effort so you and your child can remember the fun.

How to Remember It All

Posted in Uncategorized by Memory Streams on June 18, 2010

I just read and commented on someone else’s blog on the things she remembers about her late father.  This will be a tough father’s day for me.  My father died last November, a week to the day before my husband, both of cancer.  To say it has been a lousy year for my family is an understatement.

My father kept track of his medical appointments and treatments in a small notebook.  My husband, Alan, kept no such records.  Often doctors asked me (me!) when Alan had had a certain treatment or when an episode of melanoma had recurred.  Many of these things happened before I even met Alan, so answering with any sort of accuracy was nearly impossible.

My product Memory Stream will be invaluable to anyone tracking a medical condition.  My father’s notebook was almost impossible for anyone else to read and finding the information we needed was hit or miss.  Alan’s medical record at the hospital he usually got treatments at was 5 inches thick.  When he got treatments at another hospital, they were starting from scratch.  Online medical records may one day take care of this sort of dilemma, but none of them will record how you feel after a chemo treatment.  When we would return to the oncologist a month after a previous chemo treatment, Alan’s recollection of how he felt after a treatment was sketchy.  Recording symptoms as he experienced them would have been a lot more accurate and a lot more helpful to the doctor.  Doctors can adjust dosages based on your reactions and responses.

Memory Stream has a dedicated way to record the nitty gritty of doctor’s names and numbers, appointments, treatments, medicines, and also provides a generous section for notes.  Being able to search the database this information is stored in will be extremely helpful to both doctors and patients alike.  Bringing a printed copy of your medical Memory Stream to your doctors’ appointments actually might be a lifesaver.  You can also access your Memory Stream from your smart phone.

Memory Stream is an innovative product that lets you take control of your health.

The Beginning

Posted in Uncategorized by Memory Streams on June 17, 2010

I’ve been thinking about Memory Stream for more than a decade.  I was always a journal-keeper, documenting the time I lived in Europe and life with my babies.  I got to thinking about how cool it would be if you could look at your life on a timeline.  You would remember the things that happened in your life better and might be able to plan how you want the rest of your life to be.

After I stopped working to take care of my first child, Mark, people asked me if I was going to go back to work.  I said, “Well, not for that company, and not anytime soon”.  I pictured my whole life on a timeline and the very short span of it that Mark would be little.  Since I hadn’t invested a tremendous amount of time into my career development, like a doctor has say, and I could afford not to work, I decided to stay home.  I haven’t regretted a minute of that time with my kids.

I’ve been room parent, Girl Scout leader, HOA board member and Landscape Chair.  I’ve sold a line of jewelry and worked for the US Census.  I went back to school studying Web Graphic Design.  I divorced, remarried, then cared for my new husband while he died of melanoma in November, 2009.

All the while I longed to be documenting my interesting life and that of my kids’ in a database that I could easily enter life events and then search for them later.  This was the beginning of Memory Stream.

A prototype of Memory Stream will be available soon and I can’t wait to share it with you.  We call it “Personal Media”.  It will be a way to create a long-standing personal history.  You can share this information or keep it completely private.  Stay tuned and prepare to use a fantastic product that will let you communicate with your future self.

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