Memory Streams is on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

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I hired a Marketing Coordinator named Taylor Bikowski.  She’s a recent grad from Radford University and she’s been doing an amazing job.

Taylor has been posting and tweeting and pinning like crazy lately.  Check out some of her creative and imaginative posts at,, and

Taylor created and ran an ad on Facebook and AdWords. We have also recently been sprucing up our SEO on our site.  Because of this we are building traction and gaining users everyday.




Ready, Set…

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After literally years of trying to make this happen, Payam and I are going to release our alpha version of the Memory Streams software next week.  Payam is putting the finishing touches on an amazing tooltip type help system.  I’ve been working on our marketing programs and completing even more example Memory Streams.

My latest is one about my father’s life.  So far I’ve scanned in dozens of photos, and I’m waiting to talk to my mom to put down some key dates  of his life.  Recently I made a Memory Stream about my late husband’s life and it’s wonderful.  I was able to show it to Alan’s mom and sisters and I think they liked what they saw.  It’s kind of interesting how little you actually know about someone else’s life.  I’m starting one about my own.  The description I used was, “It hasn’t been boring”.  I’ve lived in four states and four countries and traveled to lots of interesting places.  I’ve been married to two interesting men.  I have two great kids and a fantastic family.  Tune in and check it out.

I hope you’ll find Memory Streams useful and engaging and that you’ll make Memory Streams about lots of aspects of your life.

Here’s a post card I’m having printed up as part of our marketing efforts.

Smaller Post Card V2


A Nibble by an Investor

Posted in Uncategorized by Memory Streams on April 24, 2012

We had our first meeting with an investor.  He spent about an hour with us and liked the concept in theory.  He asked us to come back to him when we have more users/traction.

So we’re working on finishing up an alpha release.  I have our Social Media ready to go to get people in on the Memory Streams concept.

I feel like the product is being led to the starting line of a race, hopefully a marathon.

Memory Streams is Real

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I’ve been making real Memory Streams lately.  It’s really fun and rewarding.  I made one about my son’s football season and about the life of my late husband Alan’s life.  I can’t wait to add more details and share the Streams with friends and family.  I’m hoping one day Alan’s daughter will see the Stream too and find it inspiring.


Memory Streams is now in a test phase.  We have four interns testing it.  So far, no one has been able to make the program crash.  Mostly they have found not-yet-completed features.

Payam is working hard right now to finish updating the search feature to account for all the new Memory Types and then he will fix the bugs and page not founds.

Progress Report

Posted in Uncategorized by Memory Streams on March 1, 2012

In my October post I said we’d be rolling out Memory Stream in about a month.  Well, like most software products, Memory Stream is taking awhile to finish.  We’ve been polishing up the homepage – a critical step to making sure that potential users immediately see the benefit to using our product.

We are integrating Facebook into our product.  You will be able to use your Memory as your post and vice versa.  You can even create one Stream that is just your Facebook posts or just your Twitter Tweets.

I have been creating example Memory Streams.  Making them is really fun to do.  It’s exciting to look at them every time I log in.  These examples will be deposited in each new user’s account and can be deleted once the user makes his first Stream.

Finalizing the last features for this alpha version is critical.  Avoiding feature creep is very hard to do, especially when we are soon to compete with the giants of the software industry.

We have been working on a business plan, a pitch deck, and financials as well as trying to figure out who we can pitch them to.

I’m happy to say that I’ve finally got a partner to help me with Memory Stream.  Payam Manavi has written the entire system and has added many innovative features.  His enthusiasm for Memory Stream has carried my faith in it a long way as well.

As usual my parting words are to stay tuned because, really, really, really, Memory Stream is on its way.


Facebook Timeline and Memory Stream

Posted in Uncategorized by Memory Streams on October 6, 2011

I was more than a little taken aback when I read about Facebook’s new Timeline feature.  I thought that Goliath had sucked up my idea while I struggle to get my own product finished.

We hunkered down to explore the new feature in Facebook and determine if it is the same product or not.  We came to the conclusion that it is not.  Even before Facebook has rolled out this feature, the pundits are worrying about privacy and complexity.  Do you really want your photos and comments from several years ago reappearing in your timeline?  Will a timeline of your rather random posts make sense?  Do you really want to look back at each of your friends’ timelines to get the idea of what they are up to?

Memory Stream is different from Facebook Timeline in several ways.  First, Memory Streams are absolutely private until you choose to share them.  You may share them with one person, a small group, or with all of your Facebook friends.

Second, Memory Steams are topic specific.  You can make a Memory Stream about a trip, your clients, your kid, or to keep track of your auto maintenance.  You can upload media for each event on the Memory Stream.

Next, our product is based on events that live on a Memory Stream.  These events have a type, such as Journal, Social, Medical, Client, or Purchase.  The granularity you will achieve with these typed events is powerful.

Last, a Memory Stream is not just a timeline.  Memory Streams can be viewed as a timeline, on a calendar, or as a journal.  The timeline is one of the coolest things out there – you can stretch or compress the time period, zoom in on a section and it has lots of other features.  The calendar is feature-rich and provides a great way to look at certain Memory Streams.

So stay tuned.  I think you’ll like what you see when we first roll out Memory Stream in about a month.

Macro and Micro

Posted in Uncategorized by Memory Streams on August 21, 2011

When you start to use Memory Stream, I believe you will want at least two kinds of streams. One per big event and one more with all the events of that type on it.

For example, as a college student, you may see the value in keeping a Memory Stream about all of the classes you took and when.  Keep the details about each class to a minimum such as class title, instructor, dates you took the class and a brief synopsis.  Then you’ll want a Memory Stream for each individual class, noting the details above as well as uploading your papers and projects, a lengthier description and if the class was for your major.

Likewise, parents could make a Memory Stream for a child’s school years, noting the teacher and school name.  Then for each school year a more detailed Memory Stream could describe field trips, class mates, PDFs of special tests and projects, and of course photos.

Business people with numerous clients would make a Memory Stream for all clients and when they became a client and one for each client to keep detailed records.

The last example is a Memory Stream for all the vacations you take and one for each trip in detail.

So think macro and micro when making Memory Streams.

What is Memory Stream again?

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Memory Stream is a way to remember the important events, people and places in your life. Memory Streams helps you create a long-standing personal history.  I have been dreaming of making this idea a software product for about 16 years.

So imagine my happy surprise when I read the following this morning in Smart Brief for Entrepreneurs:

Entrepreneurs with ambition but without a good idea to get started should look at this list of industries that present business opportunities. The demand for memory organization, for instance, has increased as people search for ways to keep track of all their family photographs and videos.

I think Memory Stream is right on there.  An alpha version is almost done and I can’t wait to show it to you.

Here’s a link to Smart Briefs:

Traveling Through Life

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This week, as well as working on my company Memory Stream, doing homework for my class on Social Media at UCSD, I’ve been planning a memorial service for my father.

It will be held at Ft. Rosecrans on 8/29/11.  My dad will be buried with Navy Honors.  I called Ft. Rosecrans and they gave me the schedule/timing for the service.  I called a minister and arranged for him to lead the service.  I also started writing a script for the service which I will perfect with the minister, who was a Navy Chaplain for 26 years.

My father wrote down what he wanted said about him which helps a lot.  Other people who are attending want to speak about him too.  I’m struck again and again how often in life having a Memory Stream written about even someone you think you know as well as your father would be great.  For now I’ll just have to reconstruct his life with the memories we can still recall and hopefully do this wonderful man justice at the service.


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Creating Memory Stream is for me, simply a way to remember my life.  I figure if I want this product, others might too.

I thought of this idea long before anyone thought of the idea of a social network.    But the truth is, many, if not most people’s experience online now is being shaped by their use of a social network, and by and large that means Facebook.

I’m not really a fan of Facebook.  I think it has serious privacy issues on many levels.  I do not think it has a good user interface.  Using Facebook is not intuitive.  To get to your wall you click on Profile.  When you are on your wall it doesn’t really say you are there.  When you click on Home, you get to your newsfeed, not the traditional idea of a home page.

But nevertheless, as we develop Memory Stream we are keeping in mind that users’ expectations in a product or service are being shaped by their use of Facebook.  So our look and feel is being modified to make sure that users feel comfortable with our details.  We plan to let users login with their Facebook credentials and our photo viewer feels like Facebook’s.

And yet, I think of Memory Stream as a complement to Facebook.  It’s a way to archive your thoughts by subject in a way that you can search on them, print them, and share them.  So I want to blaze a path that is not Facebook at the same time.  We’ll see how it all turns out.

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